Cafe Reminiscence

Me & Nostalgia

I feel like I am getting weak emotionally yr by yr , may be it is something to do with the kind of blogging I am doing , mainly about reminiscences & ruminations , also I do remembering dears & luv(departed) ones more often .Also getting too involved with my movies ,during my college dayz /afterwards & specially with my 3 friends I never had such emotional weakness,we normally used to laugh, only afterwards i developed this habit or rather I  inherited it from my mother , who kept on reminiscing her fav movie scenes ,mostly tragic.
Bad it is!!
No, Yes , No ,May be I am enjoying this , as such involvement keep me busy & urge me to luv them more & more !!
Same time I am sure that I am less revengeful (scorpion) now , ha ha .

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