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Music Concert : Red Bull Tour Bus #OffTheRoof

Music Concert organised by Redbull , which is part of world wide bus tour called “Red Bull Tour Bus#Off  the Roof at Richardson & Cruddas mill & fabrication yard compound at Byculla.

Venue seems to be looks like an odd place but old factory big tin shade turned out to be a perfect place.I always enjoyed these English music concerts although I don’t follow English music closely except played by Kids during drives.Best part of these live concerts is the environment & million Decibels and escatacy & energy , which is in contrast with the Indian music which I also enjoy .

Groups were ;

Raghu Dixit Project
Bhayanak Maut
Ankur and Sidd
Sound Avtar x DJ Sa
Bhayank Maut as usual are the loudest at full throttle however unable to catch single word , but overjoyed. Raghu Dixit & Pentagram by Vishal Dadlani were also very good & full entertainers as usual.Raghu sang in Hindi & in Kannada.
Sid with friends & Nicx with me had enjoyed every bit of the high Octane extravaganza.
Link :RedBull Tour Bus Mumbai

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