Cafe Reminiscence

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk
Café Reminiscence

 I do not know , but I am always fascinated with this Hindi word ” गोधूलि “,and the meaning associated with it.
Go ( Cow) worshiped by we Hindus.
It was decided long back , that if I ever own a big house , I will name it “Godhuli� OR “Sharanam�.

गोधूलि शबà¥�द का अरà¥�थ हॅ – गो + धूल = अरà¥�थात गायों के पॅरों से उठने वाली धूल।
प�राने समय में जब गायें जंगल से चरकर वापस आती थीं तो पता चल जाता था कि शाम होने वाली हॅ। इसलि� इस समय विशेष को गोधूलि बेला कहने लगे। अर�थात संध�या का समय।
Evening time the cowherds bring the cattles back home & eager to embrace their  calves , the loose red soil of the kachha pagdandi (road) blown in the air by the Cow’s khur (feet) , form red clouds & Sun appeared red , the this particular Dusk time called “Godhuli Belaâ€� or magical twilight . Which is not just any particular time of the day , but symbolizes Indian Kissan  way of life .
2nd Picture was taken from TOI ,way back in 2002 , traced finally ,as I just luv the scene.

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