Cafe Reminiscence

Dev Anand : (1923 – ……) Forever

Dev Anand , Guide

Shocked , Broken , Speechless .

May his evergreen soul rest in piece.

” Dev-aan”……. ( His father used to call him).

Romancing with Life :

“My younger brother (Goldie) was so attached to me & I to him that I always carried him on my back , as I went out in the evenings to play with my friends.Sometimes I would play cricket ,at times hockey or gilli danda , but mostly Marbles -Marbles of different sizes & hues,combination of green & blue , and yellow ,orange & brown,and of the off-white of the soda water bottles ,I had bagfuls of marbles that I had collected , having won them in games from my neighbour’s sons,and pals in the street.They were my prized collection, for I was an ace at playing marbles .Every time I aimed at one from a given distance , it would hit the bill’s eye to the dismay of the other boys participating in the game.They were all jealous of my prowess .One day as I proudly jingled the marbles bulging out of my pocket , some of them spilled out , rolling down a slopy patch of ground .As I started chasing after them , I heard my father calling out ” Dev-aaan “and there he was…………………..”

I will miss you , Love you always !!!!

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